Thursday, 15 October 2020

Internet explorer can't open while user account control is turned off in Windows Server

Sometimes issue is not the exact which we trying to resolve by searching on google, I have faced this isse and search on google to resolve this issue.
I have found multiple fix on internet like enabling UAC in control panel and enabling UAC via register, but some time this issue is not resolved after made these changes.

This issue can be resolve with below simple method without enabling UAC through the Registry or without Enable UAC Using Control Panel Slider bar. 

Go to Internet Explorer options and click on programs.

Under Programs check Opening Internet Explorer option, Under Choose how you open link make sure Always in Internet Explorer option is selected and Open Internet Exploere tiles on the desktop option is selected.

Once you make sure all the setting according above image, You can try opening Internet Exploer again. 

Hopefully your issue resolved with these settings.

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