Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Apply data usage limit on Wi-Fi networks on Windows 10

To configure data usage on your device has been around for a long time on Windows 10, but the feature didn’t include a way to set data usage limit to help you avoid going over your data usage.
Starting with version 1803, Windows 10 introduces changes to its Data usage feature allowing you to set data usage limit, and it’s not only available for Wi-Fi networks, but for Ethernet connections as well.
If you’re connected to the internet using a limited data usage, you can use data limit to monitor and get a notification when you reach your limit to prevent extra charges.

How to Apply data usage limit on Wi-Fi network or Ethernet

  • Open Settings. 
  • Click on Network & Internet.
  • Click on Data usage.
  • Use the “Show setting for” drop-down menu to select the Wi-Fi adapter.
  • Click the Set limit button.


 Under “Limit type,” select the type of limit you want to use:

  •  Monthly - Monitors data usage in the monthly basis and statics reset every month as well at the day of your choosing.
  • One time - Monitors your data usage during the course of one period.
  • Unlimited - Constantly monitors data usage without limitations and statics reset every month at the day of your choosing. 
 Depending on your previous selection, select the Monthly reset date or Days until data expires. 
 Enter the data limit and select the unit in megabyte (MB) or gigabyte (GB).


Set data limit for Wi-Fi on Windows 10 and Click the Save button.

Also, you can restrict “Backgroud Data” for Windows 10 apps and features which will save your data consumption. 

After completing above mention steps network adapter(Wifi/LAN) data usage will be monitor according to your schedule set, whenever you are near to your set data limits you will get a pop window as a alert.

If you are unable to find these settings in Windows 10 then definitely you are running an old version of Windows 10, you need to upgrade your window version to 1803.

It’s a great feature which Microsoft added to their latest windows updates which allow us to keep track of data we used and also the track of background data which is difficult to monitor without using any third party software, generally we see these type of feature in our android mobile but now Microsoft took initiative to add this feature in Windows as well.


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