Friday, 16 June 2017

How to speed up your USB Flash Drive and fix slow data transfer issue

Today, USB flash drives (Pen drives) have become omnipresent thing as they're the most suitable way to quickly transfer large amounts of data thanks to their portability. Almost every device has got a USB or Micro USB-on-the-Go port devices like tablets, laptops, TVs and so on, so you can easily plug USB drives into them. If your USB pen drive has a very slow read and write speed and you would like to speed it up slightly, here are a few methods to increase the data transfer speed of your pen drive.

The basic thing you have to know about why this happened
First things, you should have known that USB drives use flash memory which by its nature tends to slow down over time as you use it more. So if your flash drive is very old and has been used heavily, your best option is to get a new one with high speed memory. Second, USB 3.0 drives are much faster than USB 2.0 so you should definitely get at least one USB 3.0 drive to see the speed difference. That said, there is something you can do with your old USB 2.0 drive to make it perform faster.

Format your USB pen drive to NTFS
This will make copy  speed a bit faster. Right click the drive in This PC/Computer folder and select "Format..." from the context menu of the drive. Select NTFS as the file system and untick the "Quick Format" check box

Set USB or Flash Drive Optimized For Better Performance
  • Right click your USB drive once again in This PC/Computer folder and pick "Properties" from the menu

  • In the Properties window, go to the "Hardware" tab: Click the "Properties" button.

  • The Device Properties window will be opened on the screen. On the "General" tab, click the "Change settings" button

  • Under the Policies tab, set the removal policy to the option Better Performance and click on the OK button

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