Sunday, 30 April 2017

How to Restart or Shut Down PC Remotely

We have a very easy utility in Windows OS Shutdown.exe to restart or shutdown any PC who is in local area network. Well, there are few configurations you need to do to use this utility. Let go into detail

Remote registry service must be enabled on each computer you want to shutdown or restart the PC remotely, generally this service is disabled by default, we need to enable this service which is mandatory for Shutdown.exe utility.

To enable this service type services.msc to Start menu and then hit enter.

After then search for Remote Registry Service and go to properties.

On the properties tab set the service to Automatic and then start the service by clicking on Start tab.

Also make it sure that Windows Management Instrumentation(WMI) is allowed on computer firewall and you have admin rights on the remote computer otherwise you cannot proceed with remotely shutdown or restart.

To open the Shutdown.exe utility type shutdown /i command in command prompt

Click on Add button and add the computer name of that computer you want to shutdown or restart the system. We can add multiple computer as well.
After adding a computer name specify whether you want to shutdown or restart.
We can also warn the user by click Warn users of the action option and also record a log on system for restart under Shutdown Event Tracker option.

We can use following command as well to shutdown the pc via remotely.

shutdown /s /m \\avtech-desktoppc /t 30 /c “Shutting down for maintenance.” /d P:1:1

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