Thursday, 13 April 2017

How to rename Server Name within Active Directory Environment

To rename the Windows Server is always a pain, During rename a server in Active Directory first thing always comes in mind that we need to unjoin the server from Active Directory and rename the computer and then join back Server to Active Directory.

We can use Netdom.exe utility to rename the Server without unjoining to the domain and does not require to reset or manually re-create the Server account in the domain.

We can rename the Server remotely as well, during rename we need to specify the user account that has admin rights in Active Directory.

IF Netdom.exe utility is not installed on you PC, then you can install Windows Server Support Tools from the Support\Tools folder on the Windows OS CD or image.

To rename the Server use following command at a command prompt.

netdom rename computer OldServerName /newname:NewServerName /userd:Domain Name\UserName /passwordd:Password /force /reboot:Time in seconds

Pinpoints of this command

  • Old Server Name:  Name of the current Server
  • New Server Name: Name of the Server will be renamed to, required fully qualified DNS name within Active Directory
  • Domain Name: Active Directory Name.
  • User Name: Required domain account who has administrative permission which will be used to make the connection with the Server to rename. 
  • Password: Password of the domain account which is mentioned in User Name.
  • Time in Seconds: Server need to be restarted after the rename request is completed, so the number of second before automatic restart need to be mentioned over here.

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