Sunday, 4 December 2011

12 Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook is the most popular web browser in the world and it continues to gain popularity. With this rapid growth many users, especially new users, are not aware of the wide range of useful Facebook keyboard shortcuts available. These small combinations of keystrokes when used at the right time can be real productivity boosters. Here are 12 Facebook keyboard shortcuts to help simplify and speed up your daily browsing. Even Firefox veterans may find these useful.
Alt + M : To quickly composing message
Alt + ?: To search Facebook
Alt + 1: To open Facebook Home Page(news feed)
Alt + 2: Opens your Facebook profile
Alt + 3: To open friend request approval panel
Alt + 4: Opens the messages panel in Facebook.
Alt + 5: Shortcut to open the Facebook notifications panel
Alt + 6: Brings you to your account settings page
Alt + 7: Brings the ‘Privacy’ page
Alt + 8: Opens Facebook’s “Facebook page”.
Alt + 9: It Opens the “terms and condition” page.
Alt + 0: Brings you to the “Help” Page.
Firefox users Can use Shift+Alt 
Keystroke shortcuts have been around for many years.It may take a little adjusting to get used to using shortcuts but once you do they’ll become second nature for speeding up your web browsing.

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